Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh Sachin, why are you putting people through this?

I wonder if Sachin Tendulkar slept last night? I wouldn't have. He's talked in the past about not thinking about the hundredth hundred, but regardless of that, he must have thought about it a little, going to bed, he's only human.

When he was dismissed earlier today, for 94 his dismissal was met but the most abrupt silence I've ever heard. You could hear a pin drop in Wankhede stadium as Tendulkar slashed at a short delivery from Ravi Rampaul and edged it to Darren Sammy at second slip.

As millions of Indians would have, I sat aghast, like every time since he got that world cup hundred, it seemed like it was destiny that he was going to get that hundredth one. It didn't happen in the world cup, fine, he'll get it in England. Out in the 90s in the last test, ok, he'll get it at home. At what point does it become too much for him? At what point does it start to look like he'll never get another hundred?

After all, I had really believed he was going to get it this time, not out over night on 67, I got up at 4:30am thinking it was start of play time, turns out I was half an hour off. No matter, Sachin had used the time to push on to 94, it seemed like destiny.

But that's cricket. That's why cricket's marvellous, you can get up to watch a test match, expecting one thing, and one thing only, and the inconceivable happens, and you're better for the experience, but still going back to bed.

EDIT: Whoops, it was Ravi Rampaul rather than Fidel Edwards who got the wicket of Tendulkar, now corrected.


  1. When we left the library* last night, my friend Alex said "I bet he'll be out for 96"...I blame him. Bloody Jonah.

    *Yes, this is who you think it is...

  2. Heh, I know that the one time I don't decide to watch, or can't get to watch it, he'll get it. That would be typical!